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Testimonial: If you are looking for a complete mind, body, soul experience in Lanzarote then contact Stuart Forster at EcoLifeWalks.I really enjoyed the tailor-made experience and visits to places that only someone with an in depth knowledge and years of living there could provide. Imagine climbing up into the vortex of a volcano and meditating in the stillness, or cycling on a nearby island and visiting beautiful beaches that few will find? Coffee and lovely meals where to locals gather – an altogether wonderful time with the added benefit of deep conversation uncovering some beliefs and core wounds that changed as the awareness came to light. Stuart uses his years of knowledge to help create a new awareness that left me feeling balanced, relaxed and ready for life in London again. Thank you Stuart for a memorable, uplifting experience.

A different kind of Holiday in Lanzarote

This Lanzarote holiday is much more than most of the search terms people use to find this site. We know, since we started as a yoga holiday, were popular as a beach or singles holiday and even became a therapy holiday, a tennis holiday and a spa holiday within the accommodation options, which you buy yourself with or without our help. EcoLifeWalks is all of these and more, since we specialise in one-to-one guidance to the special biosphere places while taking you to appropriate activities and therapies on the island. The included Life Insights are optional but Stuart is passionate that this is the big bonus, involving life-enhancing opportunities with long lasting benefits in happiness and fulfilment. The five day plan includes the full programme of MoretoLifeNOW. EcoLifewalks was formerly called the Life Change Retreat Holiday as described in Life Changing Holidays.

It’s a one-to-one retreat holiday, a holistic holiday, an escape, a vacation, a short stay, a two-for-one holiday, which can also be described by yoga , well-being, health farm, walking , cycling , singles , beach , transformation holiday, consciousness holiday, exploring fifth dimension consciousness holiday, awareness holiday, fun , wine  tasting , therapy , fun, laughter , breakthrough , horse riding, tennis, sailing, adventure, fitness, healing nature , Gaia , meditation , café visiting , scenic restaurant visiting  and much more, all choices, for your own agenda rolled into one, in Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands

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