“For total immersion, try the brilliant EcoLifeWalks. Founder Stuart Forster’s holistic CV is awe-inspiring, and guests on his tailor-made MoreToLifeNOW retreats ….Truly life-changing stuff.”  Maya Boyd, METRO NEWSPAPER, (Referring to the 5-day Package)

A different kind of Holiday in Lanzarote

People normally search for specific things and that usually assumes they know what they are looking for. This different kind of environment therapeutic activity holiday does not have a standard term for people to look up. We started as a yoga holiday and even then had to incorporate ”health farm holiday” and “spa holiday” as this was the nearest equivalent familiar term. Yes, we were also a walking and cycling holiday and very often a beach holiday. Having now evolved, just in the same way that a yoga holiday in Lanzarote is a common search term, we are really now to do with transformation, awareness, enlightenment or higher dimensional holiday, though I doubt many people are searching for that, yet!

Design: Stuart Forster